There's At Least One Person Dumber Than You

Monday, August 17, 2009

Everyday there's one more story that makes you question the human races overall intelligence. You start wondering if its possible that society can get dumber and then the next day there's a new article that verifies that we in fact can.

Today's example of incredible moronity is an Irish Gambling Booky. This particular booky, named Paddy Power, decided that the PGA Tournament was in the bag and that he might as well just pay off all the gamblers who bet on the worlds #1. In all he paid off around 2.12$ million dollars. The problem is, Tiger Woods didn't win. Y.E. Yang won, and thus he paid off $2.12 million dollars to losers. Money that should have been in his pocket.

This begs the question why would a bookmaker ever pay out anyone before the result is finalized? The answer? Apparently "they're dimwits".

Courtesy of Reuters

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What really surprises me is that he stuck around long enough to afford to pay out that much money. Then again, on second thought, if I was making a bet, I would find the stupidest bookie I could...any mistakes they make in their favor, you can fix, and just keep quiet about the rest...

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