Rejoice Duke Haters, Greg Paulus Is Now a Starting Quarterback For a Bad Football Team

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Have you, much like I, found Greg Paulus to be one of the most annoying Duke Basketball players of all time? Have you enjoyed him getting tea-bagged on dunks or watching him melt on the sidelines during Duke's annual tournament loss? Have you ever thought man, I wish someone would just foul the shit out of him to wipe that god damn smirk off his face? Well you sir are now in luck. You sir will get the opportunity to witness Greg Paulus get pummeled into submission on a weekly basis this fall, as Greg Paulus is now officially the starting quarterback for Syracuse.

Yes that is the same Syracuse football team that has gone 16-43 over their last five seasons. The same team that routinely schedules 3 BCS OOC Opponents yearly to go along with their Big East schedule. Thus Greg Paulus shall suit up against BCS Conference opponents in 11 of their 12 games, this includes games against Minnesota (live on ESPN2 on September 5th) and at Penn State the next season. The combination of a bad team facing consistently better teams equals a lot of hits taken by the quarterback. So suit up, get ready, and enjoy watching Greg Paulus get taken down by 300 lb defensive lineman.

In all honesty I'm kind of rooting for him to play well. I don't know why. I still want to see him get crushed on many plays, but in some sick way twisted way I'm pulling for him. Perhaps it's because he's just one of two players I've inducted into the Hall of the Overhyped and maybe I hope he somehow pulls off a miracle story.

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Talk all the crap you want, this is a very impressive achievement. Paulus who was a stud in HS is back to QB and starting (for a bad team) but still impressive. Hopefully he can play the whole season and is a positive impact on the team, not a publicity stunt.

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