How the Hell Did No One Block the Kazmir Deal?

Monday, August 31, 2009

On friday night I turned on ESPN and saw "Angels Negotiating with Rays to acquire Scott Kazmir". In a baseball world where little more will shock me, my jaw went to the floor. How the hell did Scott Kazmir go through waivers all the way to the Angels? This makes absolutely positively no sense to me.

First off, why the hell are the Rays trading away Scott Kazmir right now? I understand that he's had a very bad year for his standards. But he's pitched better in the 2nd half of the season, 4-2 with a 4.41 ERA and more importantly he's still just 25 and signed for a not too unreasonable 20 million dollars over the next two seasons. Why are the Rays trading away a pitcher who should be helping their playoff push, when they're down just 4 games in the Wild Card, for two players to be named later? Are you simply throwing in the towel for this season? It certainly seems like that.

Next, and even more baffling, how does not one single team with a record worse than the Angels claim Scott Kazmir. Again, he's 25, has shown dominant stuff in the past, has a terrific career record against both the Red Sox and Yankees, is left handed, and throws 95. So if perchance the Rays were looking for a straight salary dump, than why not? Why wouldn't you want to pick him up. Tell me where else are you going to find a 25 year old 2-time all star with solid stats against the Yanks and Sox? If you are the Tigers and you're almost guaranteed to face either the Yankees or Red Sox or both in the playoffs, how are you not claiming him?

And if you think the Rays aren't looking to get rid of Kazmir as a straight salary dump, than how exactly do you not claim him just to block the Angels from picking him up. If you read MLB Trade Rumors or watched sportscenter at the deadline, rumors were abound that the Angels wanted Kazmir. So why if you are the Red Sox would you not claim him, just to make sure that the Angels can't utilize him against you in the first round of the playoffs. If you're a Red Sox Executive do you really want Kazmir pitching against you in Game 4 of the playoffs?

I'm baffled. I just don't understand how this trade actually happened.

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