I Want the Ravens To Lose

Monday, January 12, 2009

At this point in time I really have no real rooting interest in the NFL. I don't care who wins the Superbowl. All I care about is that the Ravens lose. Here are some reasons why.

1. The Ravens deserved not to win on Saturday. I don't care what you tell me about they made plays to turn the ball over and the Titans didn't. I'm not buying that. If Alge Crumpler decides not to attempt a meaningless dive the Titans win. If Kerry Collins decides not to throw the ball off the back of his feet stupidly, the Titans win. If the refs correctly call a delay of game, the Titans win. If the center actually snapped the ball when Collins was ready the Titans win the game. The Titans completely out played the Ravens (391 to 211 total yards) and every single bounce of the ball went the Ravens way.

2. With that being said I'm sick of the announcers stroking the Ravens defense. The Titans moved the ball up and down the field even after Chris Johnson, who was torching Baltimore, was injured. The Titans don't even have a good offense.

3. I'm really really really sick of the stroking of Joe Flacco. They kept on complementing him for the touchdown pass to Derrick Mason. The man was wide open, wide wide wide open. If you're an NFL QB and can't make that throw then you suck. His second big throw to Clayton was a ball thrown into blanketed double coverage which should have been at the very least batted down, but instead the cornerback fell down and the safety decided to attempt to make a basket catch instead of actually meet the ball in the air or put his helmet under Clayton's chin. Passes like that are rarely completed and usually intercepted. In two playoff games he's completed 20 passes, can we stop calling him the second coming.

4. Did Ray Lewis praise Jesus while he was involved in the Bar Fight in 2000?

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I want you to choke on a dick and die.

"They kept contemplating him"
"while he involved in the bar fight"

How about you learn english, THEN choke on a dick and die?


Simonsucksnutz said...
8:00 PM  

Thank you for the proof reading. If you are available for more proof reading I have a free opening.

Also, I unfortunately did not have any dick for dinner. So I did not have the opportunity to choke on one.

Simon said...
10:05 PM  

Your first hater, nice work.

I'm rooting for the Cardinals, then the Steelers, because the Ravens and the Eagles are douche bags.

Hart said...
7:51 AM  

Simon...all you have is "shoulda coulda woulda" for that Titans game. It's over and done with. Your so sick of everyone "stroking" the Ravens...guess what? The Ravens have struggled in the past seasons to get an offense that is worth something. If you don't like that Baltimore is on the rise...maybe pick a different sport to watch. The Ravens are going all the way. Steel Curtain be damned!

GO RAVENS!!!!!!!

~~Raven Chick~~

Anonymous said...
2:24 PM  

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