Tale of the Tape: Steve Spagnuolo vs. Rex Ryan

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In all likelihood the Jets are going to sign another first time coach, instead of playing some Martyball, and currently the two front runners for the position are New York Giants Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolou (the Spagosaurus) and Baltimore Ravens Defensive Coordinator Rex Ryan (Defensosaurus-Rex). So let's take a look at how they stack up against each other.

The Spagosaurus 49, Defensosaurus-Rex 46
Three years difference isn't anything of note, especially for coaches in their 40s. Edge Push

The Spagosaurus Springfield College, Defensosaurus-Rex Eastern Kentucky:
That was like 25 years ago, and I'd imagine T-Rex was a heavy drinking machine. So... we give the edge to the Defensosaurus-Rex.

Punching Guys in the Face
The Spagosaurus no real evidence, Defensosaurus-Rex his father decked Kevin Gilbride:
Do you want a coach who would punch another coach in the face for a bad play call or not? I vote yes. Edge Defensosaurus-Rex.

Who Would Win a Fight
The Spagosaurus looks like he's in solid shape, Defensosaurus-Rex looks like he would fight dirty including low blows and biting:
A Fights a fight, win at all costs. Edge Defensosaurus-Rex.

Coaching Experience

The Spagosaurus: UMass Grad Assistant (82-83), Redskins Intern (84), Lafayette D-Line Coach (84-86), UConn DC (87-91), Barcelona Dragons D-Line Coach (92), Chargers Scout (93), Maine DC (93-94), Rutgers DBacks Coach (94-95), Bowling Green DBacks Coach (96-97), Frankfurt Galaxy (98), Eagles D Assistant (99-00), Eagles DBacks Coach (01-03), Eagles Linebackers Coach (04-06), Giants DC (07-08)

Defensosaurus-Rex: Eastern Kentucky D Ends (87-88), New Mexico Highlands DC (89), Morehead State DC (90-93), Cardinals LBs & DLine (94-95), University of Cincinnati DC (96-97), University of Oklahoma DC (98), Ravens D Assistant (99-04), Ravens DC (05-08), Ravens Assistant HC (08)

Talk about a carpet-bagger, the Spagosaurus was all over the place. D1-AA schools. NFL Europe Twice. An NFL Intern. An NFL Scout. At Rutgers. Meanwhile the Defensosaurus-Rex was strictly focused on defense defense defense which included defensive coordinator at two major college universities. We like the additional experience outside of defense for the Spagosaurus. So... Slight Edge to the Spagosaurus.

Defensive Scheme
The Spagosaurus 4-3, Defensosaurus-Rex 4-3 or 3-4:
This is incredibly important to me. Why? Because the Jets just spent 3 years getting personnel for a 3-4 and dumping their 4-3 personnel, I don't want the opposite to happen. Can Spags run a 3-4? Maybe. The Ravens did utilize the 3-4 defense for a given stretch, and because of this I think Rex is more likely to adapt to the Jets players. Big Edge to Defensosaurus-Rex.

More Likely to Piss People Off
The Spagosaurus has little evidence towards this, Defensosaurus-Rex is a Ryan they never give a shit:
We had political correctness the last 3 years with Eric 'I Don't Answer Any Question' Mangini. I think it's time to go back to the just say what you want to say mentality. Screw emulating the Pats and Bill Belicheat. Edge to Defensosaurus-Rex.

Offensive Philosophy
The Spagosaurus has little evidence towards offensive prowess, Defensosaurus-Rex probably can't pronounce offense:
I'd imagine either will be forced to stick with little Schotty on Offense, which is eh. So Edge to Push

Overall Winner: Defensosaurus-Rex
I've talked myself into Rex Ryan. I don't think I'm convinced he would be a good coach, but I do think he would be bad ass, in your face, I don't give a shit, I'll tell a reporter to go F himself, which would be fun. Plus I would like to call my head coach Defensosaurus-Rex for multiple years.

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