The Mannings Just Needed Time to Train For the Double Stuffed Racing League

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sometimes the NFL isn't really king, sometimes you just need to sacrifice your season and prepare for the big picture. You know Football is just a game and all. Sometimes an NFL player needs to look at the world at large and know his place. The Mannings know their role in the world. 2009 was a year for them to entertain the world and teach the world the glory of a new kind of contest and not lead their teams to another Superbowl. The Mannings are dedicated to, the Double Stuffed Racing League. Will both of the Williams sisters pull out of the Australian Open? I don't think so. And so when January 18th has come and gone the Mannings will have taken home the only truly important 2009 trophy, the Massive Golden Oreo.

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