NFL Divisional Playoff Awards

Monday, January 12, 2009

Wow You Guys Suck: Jake Delhomme, At 11 pm I told my buddy that I was leaving when Jake Delhomme threw an interception on this possession. I was semi-joking considering he had already thrown 4 INTs and had a fumble lost. But there it was three plays later Jake Delhomme throws one more pass into the arms to the Cardinals and as a man of my word I grabbed my coat and left. Runners Up: Eli Manning should just not play when its windy outside, whoever the dope was on San Diego who got drilled in the head by the punt.

This Scarecrow Needs a Brain: Plaxico Burress, The Giants were never the same offense after the Plaxico Burress brain fart. They had no play makers at wideout and the defense was able to shift Runners Up: Alge Crumpler diving was really dumb and costly, the refs who were unable to call a blatant game changing delay of game.

Cough Cough Cough: Tennessee Titans, No team this weekend other than the Titans were significantly better on gameday than their opponent and lost. The Titans absolutely gave away their game on Saturday. Turnovers in the red zone were the killer as well as the inability to make a play on a double covered wide receiver. The Titans were the better team by a lot and yet lost. Runners Up: how many times can I mention Jake Delhomme, Mr. Carney should have handed over the kicking duties to Tynes.

The Shocker: The Cardinals, I don't know if I saw a single analyst, expert or layman pick the Cardinals to win. When the Panthers scored a touchdown within 4 minutes I thought they were going to run away with it and somehow someway it was the complete opposite. Runners Up: LT didn't play (kidding), who the hell in the right mind thought Thanksgiving Night that the game in Philly was a preview of the NFC Title Game.

The Pimp: Larry Fitzgerald, The man is unstoppable. Sure he didn't do much in the second half but he didn't need to. He was un-coverable in the first half, had 151 yards and the Cardinals somehow have another home playoff game because of him. Runners Up: Fast Willy apparently is healthy again, McNabb is redeemed.

You Got Jakked Up: Ahmad Hall, I think Tennessee needs to give an instructional video on how to attach the chin strap.

New York Jets MVP: Nobody, Playoffs!!!

My Picks 1-3

Ugh Ugh Ugh Ugh.

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