NCAA the NFL Way: Conference Championships

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

AFC Championship

#5 Florida at #3 Southern Cal in Los Angeles

Florida Key Wins: Miami, LSU, UGA (n), @FSU, South Carolina
Florida Losses: Ole Miss
Florida Wildcard Win Over Georgia Tech (72%)
Florida Divisional Win Over Utah (91%)

Southern Cal Key Wins: tOSU, Oregon, Cal
Southern Cal Losses: @Oregon St.
Southern Cal Wildcard Win Over TCU (85%)
Southern Cal Divisional Win Over Alabama (55%)

Storyline: The National Championship game that I would have liked to see would happen in the AFC Title game, can USC's dominant defense slow down Tim Tebow in the LA Coliseum.

NFC Championship

#5 Texas Tech at #2 Oklahoma in Norman

Texas Tech Key Wins: Nebraska, Texas, Okie State, @Kansas
Texas Tech Losses: Oklahoma
Texas Tech Wildcard Win Over Cincy (89%)
Texas Tech Divisional Win Over Boise St. (74%)

Oklahoma Key Wins: Nebraska, Texas Tech, @Okie State, Cincy, TCU
Oklahoma Losses: Texas(n)
Oklahoma Divisional Win Over Texas (51%)

Storyline: The Sooners got their revenge in the Divisional round, can the Red Raiders get their own?

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