You Beat UNC On the Road And Then You Lost to Harvard, HUH?!?!?

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Over the weekend Boston College went on the road into Chapel Hill to face the unanimously thought of best team in the country. Some even went as far as to wonder whether North Carolina would be able to go through the regular season undefeated. Yet, the Eagles managed to shock the Tar Heels by 7 points dropping them from the top perch in the polls and the land of the undefeated. The win helped BC join the land of the ranked and increase their win streak to an impressive ten.

So what next for the newly ranked Eagles? A home matchup against cross town rival Harvard, an Ivy League punching bag, an easy cupcake win to extend the streak to 11.... Or a shocking home loss to an 8-6 team that has never ever beaten a ranked team in the history of their program. Umm, HUH? There are let downs everywhere in sports. The Giants lost to the Browns. USC manages to lose to an inferior team every year. UNC lost to BC. etc. But Harvard? Damn that's just terrible.

Let's do a Quick Comparison of the UNC and Harvard going into the game.

Location: Chapel Hill -> Chestnut Hill
Best Player: Tyler Hansbrough -> Some Asian Kid Named Lin
Record Coming Into the Game: Undefeated -> 7-6
Coach: Roy Williams -> Tommy Amaker
Scholarships: Many -> Zero
McDonald's All American: Many -> Zero
National Championships: Many -> Zero
Expected Tournament Seed: 1 -> Not in the Tourney
# of Wins Against Ranked Opponents: Too Many to Count -> Zero

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