Chelsea Was Robbed

Thursday, May 07, 2009

For those unaware, I am a fan of Chelsea. Over the past few years my fandom has grown from a "Hey I'm in London, I should pick a team to like" in 2002 to watching the majority of the Champions League matches and the occasional Premiership match on Fox Soccer Channel. Well yesterday was a day of pain for my relatively small but growing fanhood. Chelsea in the Champions League semi-final scored an early goal over Barca to put them ahead on aggregate. They held this lead throughout the game and had the better chances but couldn't find a way to get the second goal. Then with time dying down, one mistake on a clearance from the box was all Barca needed to score their lone goal and advance to the Champions League finals.

Losing in the closing seconds is a rough way to be defeated in any game but even tougher when the official is horrendous. Below is a recounting of the 4 different opportunities the official had to call a penalty kick in favor of Chelsea. Let's just say the official won't be welcome in south London or at Didier Drogba's house for tea again any time soon.

The Champions League Final is later this month between Man U and Barca, I am officially rooting for... a Natural Disaster.

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I think what made it sting even more is they lose the match on the away goal tiebreaker (another dumb rule)

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