Keeping Up With Our Beloved Former Yankees: Jason Giambi

Monday, May 04, 2009

Jason's time in the Bronx can be judged as nothing other than a disappointment. After a superb first season in 2002 when Giambi batted .314 with 41 bombs and 120 rbi, Giambi's numbers went on a steady decline. Combined with the "Parasite", the Balco case, and zero World Series collected the Giambi era was not what could have been hoped for. And thus after 7 seasons as the Yankees first baseman, the Bronx Bombers packed up the Giambino's suitcase, gave him a nice farewell and shipped him back across the country to the Oakland A's. So let's check in with Jason and see if he's have a bad ass resurgence in the Bay Area.

.213 BA, 1 HR, 10 RBI, 11 Runs, .330 OPS, .307 SLG%... OUCH!!!

A .307 Slugging Percantage? That's terrible. Even Cody Ransom had a .320 slugging percantage while attempting to get above the Mendoza line. Looks like the Giambino's time as a professional baseball player just might be done. Perhaps he should try to return to the Bane days or at least bring back the Porn Stache, anything to try to bring back the bat.

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