Hey Roy Win Some F'n Games

Friday, May 29, 2009

Roy Oswalt is just one of many players on my fantasy roster who has been a colassal disappointment through the first 2 months of the season. In his case he's pitched to a poor 4.62 ERA and has only 1 victory, and to make a long story short drafting him cost me Zack Greinke (Idiot!).

Deducing why he has won just 1 game is simple, he's got a weak ERA and its not like the Astros are a powerhouse offense. Well that's what you would think. Of all the pitchers with a minimum of 60 innings thrown, Roy Oswalt is currently ranked 10th best in team run support.

So what the hell gives? First, in Oswalt's lone victory the Astros scored at total of 12 runs. Secondly, the two games Oswalt actually pitched well coincided with the two games that the offense provided no run support. In the only outing in which Oswalt did not allow a run, Ramon Hernandez hit a walk off two run homer. In the only game Oswalt gave up a total of 1 run, the Astros didn't were stifled for 1 run through the 7 innings he pitched. Throw in the bullpen allowing a bunch of Oswalt's inherited runners to score combined with blowing a few leads and you have a pitcher with excellent run support and only 1 win.

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