Trade Rumors With No Merrit: Braylon Edwards for Thomas Jones

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Earlier today I was informed by a buddy of mine at work that there was a post on the New York Times website that was for "Insiders" only about a potential Braylon Edwards for Thomas Jones trade. This excited me for a second because the Jets desperately need a wideou, I've always been a Braylon fan, and while Thomas Jones is a great asset, getting Leon more touches and utilizing freshly drafted Shonn Greene is a may not result in a massive dropoff.

So with this exuberance I decided to do some digging to see where this rumor originated from. And well, it started with Tony Grossi, a Cleveland Reporter just throwing out the idea and saying it was going to happen. Not exactly much weight behind that other than opinion.

So I decided to take a look to see if it even really makes sense. To me it makes obvious sense for the Jets, they need a big time wide receiver. They just drafted a back in the 3rd round and they have Leon. Thomas is aging and he probably only has a little time left.

But a deal of this manner makes no sense really for the Browns. As Waiting for Next Year puts it "...I’m struggling to see what role we would have for Jones." They already have an elder statesman at running back in Jamal Lewis, is it really bright to go into a season with a two-headed monster that consists of two highly paid 30 year olds? Than with the loss of Edwards, the Browns would need to rely strictly on Youth to get it done at wideout.

This rumor really has no basis and got my hopes up for absolutely no reason. Thanks for wasting my time Tony.

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