Oh Yay, The Clippers Get The #1 Pick

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It could be argued that last night was amongst the worst nights in Blake Griffin's life. We all knew prior to the lottery last night that Blake Griffin was going to be the first pick, it was just a matter of where. Of all the teams to wind up on, I'd imagine that the Clippers were near the bottom of the list, if not completely rock bottom.

The Clippers have been amongst the worst professional franchises in America since their existence. Their owner is a joke. They are the ugly stepchild in their own city. Despite the NBA inviting over 50% of their teams to the playoffs year after year, the Clippers rarely ever make it. Throw in the fact that the current roster is filled with totally random pieces which include aging All-Stars in Baron Davis and Marcus Camby and most negatively a malcontent best player in Zach Randolph who just so happens to play the same position and has a contract which is completely unloadable.

At some point in time last night someone mentioned Mr. Olowokandi and Mr. Manning to Blake Griffin. Both players never amounted to what they possibly could have been partly due to being a Clipper. In fairness to Griffin he's much closer to Manning than Olowokandi and Manning didn't live up to potential mostly due to injuries. Regardless of the circumstances, being a Clipper has never been a good thing and last night at some point in time you know Blake dropped an F bomb because of the way the ping pong balls fell.

Guess I lied about that 1 post on the NBA Draft

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