You Just Signed Your Son Up For a Beatdown

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Immediately after Big Baby dropped the game winning basket and ran up the court in celebration, I noticed him tossing aside a little kid. So I laughed, I took a picture and I posted it up as did many others. It was humorous fun the kid obviously didn't get injured in anyway, so it was just harmless fun. But of course as the world turns with rich men having no toughness or scrotum to speak of the bitching came forth.

Instead of sitting around in silence over a harmless incident, Ernest Provetti the father the 12-year old sent the NBA an email calling Big Baby a "Raging Animal" and demanding that Davis apologize for the incident. Essentially he turned his kids classmate reaction from "Dude I can't believe you got hit by Big Baby" to "Dude you're a pansy, there's no way that hurt." Since his email, Provetti has back tracked somewhat from his initial statements and says he will back off. I'm guessing the nasty emails he received on monday likely lead to his retraction.

Just one more example of the Pussification of America.

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