Chris Davis Now Has the Streak to Follow

Thursday, May 14, 2009

With Ryan Zimmerman's streak falling 26 games short of DiMaggio yesterday, we are all left to search around Major League Baseball to find an intriguing streak to follow. Well, I have the perfect streak for you, it includes 20+ games of whiffitude. That's right it's the Chris Davis strikeout streak.

The sophomore 1B masher for the Rangers has 9 Home Runs through his first 113 at bats this season. Those are pretty solid power numbers. However, it's an all or nothing approach. Chris Davis has recorded at least one strikeout in EACH of his last 21 games. All in all Davis has struck out a total of 52 times, recording at least one in 30 of his 32 games played. In fact his streak would sit at 30 games if not for April 19th when he did not start but rather pinch hit and in his only plate appearance recorded a hit. It's probably safe to say if he got another at bat, the streak would likely be at 30.

In total Davis has only started one game, the second of the season, in which he did not strikeout. He's on pace to strikeout 262 times this season, which would absolutely obliterate the record set by Mark Reynolds last season when he whiffed 204 times.

So keep it going Chris. We love streaks. Push it to 56.

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Great find. Now does talking about it jinx it...? said...
1:18 PM  

One can only hope that this streak finds the wings it needs to be the all time leader.

Simon said...
1:46 PM  

You jinxed him - the streak's over. I'm sure he preferred hitting his walk-off home run rather than continuing his streak

Anonymous said...
11:25 PM  

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