Numbers On Steroids: Roger Clemens

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Numbers on Steroids is a look at baseball players during the 90s to see if anything screams out at you.

Roger Clemens is making the lying rounds today so why not take a lot at his numbers and pinpoint that steroid conversion time.

Averages Say: The Toronto Dip, Followed By Yankee Piss Poordom

Strikeouts Say: The Toronto Bulge.

Explaining It Away
If you're looking to explain away the Clemens Toronto experience you can go one of two angles. Either A) Roger Clemens was unhealthy during his last season in Boston and refound his health in Toronto or B) Getting told he was unwanted in Boston motivated him to be a workout animal in the offseason and motivated him to prove that Dan Duquette was a complete D-Bag. Option B actually works for me. I believe that getting told he sucked might have been just enough to push Clemens towards the edge motivate him to prove everyone wrong. Pin pointing Clemens as a vindictive person is not a very far stretch.

The Verdict
The problem with explaining away the Toronto years and the later resurgence as simply becoming a workout fiend is that it leads exactly towards usage of performance enhancers. If Clemens was out to prove he wasn't finished and that he was still an animal, than why exactly would he just workout hard. Why wouldn't he look for that edge?

Is He Really the Unluckiest Man On the Planet? Doubtful...

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How about doing Numbers on Steroids studies on some less obvious players to see what you find? I'm thinking Griffey, Thome, Ortiz, Nomar, etc.

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