J.R. Smith Makes It Harder to Root for the Nuggets

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I can't stand the Lakers or Kobe Bryant and thus I've been looking for every reason to cheer against them this post season. I hoped the Rockets would shock the world and now I hope that the Nuggets pull off the Conference Final Upset. The Nuggets have plenty of guys I can pull for: I was a big Melo fan back in the 'Cuse days, Chauncey just seems to play the game exactly like how I would want to if I was an NBA point guard, the Birdman is fun to watch, I even for some reason like Kenyon Martin back in the day. With all these players it's been relatively easy to pull for Denver, if not for one person, J.R. Smith.

The problem with J.R. isn't his skill set. Nope, I love his game. He's freakishly athletic, he's got a jumper, he even ahs showed off some passing and defensive prowess this series. The problem I have with J.R. is that his celebrations after he makes a shot are boarderline ridiculous. I understand celebrating every once in awhile after a big dunk or a huge three, but for J.R. it's not even close to every once in awhile, it's every time. After every shot J.R. sinks he acts like he just dropped the Lebron James buzzer beater. Whether it be banging his chest after a wide open dunk, screaming at a Laker after a buried wide open three, or scowling after a 12 foot jumper, J.R. acts like a jackass. It's annoying.

I despise the phrase "Act Like You've Been There Before", but J.R. please take heed to the phrase and stop acting like a complete ass so I can cheer for the Nuggets without ever feeling sick.

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