Keeping Up With Our Beloved Former Yankees: Bobby Abreu

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Happy go lucky Bobby Abreu was always a good player for the Yankees but he always did something that baffled your minds. So when time came to offer him abritration this past fall the Yanks scoffed, likely because the market was unfolding and giving Abreu around 16$ million dollars per season was not deemed prudent. So Bobby took his OBP show on the free agent market and found the suitors a bit cold. In the end Bobby was forced to settle for just a 1 year 5$ million dollar contract from the Anaheim Angels of the Pacific Ocean. Let's check in and see just how Bobby has played over the first month.

.363 BA, 0 HR, 12 RBI, 10 Runs, 11 Steals, .427 OBP, .418, SLG%

Why the massive Power Outage? Abreu has 33 hits this season, of which he has only 5 extra base hits, all doubles. Meanwhile the speed is surging. His stolen bases have decreased in each of the past 5 seasons and last year in his 33 attempts he was thrown out 11 times. This season he's 11 for 11 on steal attempts. Another question comes in the form of why just the 10 runs? He's reached base on 44 times via a hit or a walk and 11 times has advanced an additional base via a steal and yet he's only score 10 times. The hitters behind him in the lineup certainly need to step up as does Abreu's power.

All in all, Abreu is playing well but the complete lack of power is a bit scary through the first month.

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