Thanks For Purchasing Tickets, Now Go Away

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Last night the Yankees and Red Sox sat in their respective clubhouses for 2+ hours waiting for the rain to go away and for their first contest at the New Yankee Stadium to begin. Meanwhile the thousands of fans were forced to make one of two decisions, stick it out in the rain hoping that a multiple hour rain delay wouldn't turn into a postponement or pack up their stuff and head home so as to not waste their time. Some of these fans unfortunately chose to do a little bit of both.

See when you're sitting around in the stadium and the rain isn't subsiding you get a bit ancy. You want to know if the game is going to get canceled, you want to stop dropping 10 dollars per bud light. So after a couple of hours you go up to one of the many Yankee Stadium employees and ask them if the game is getting canceled, when they tell you yes, you say well time to head home. Than you get to your car turn on the radio and hear Suzyn and Sterling say, "Well after a 2 hour and 20 minute delay it looks like the Yankees and Sox are going to start up the game and fight through the rain." So, you get your stuff back together head back to the stadium to watch the game, it is in fact the first ever Yankees vs. Red Sox game at the New Stadium, it's semi-historic. You get to the gate, show the turnstile employee your ticket and get told that there's strictly no re-entry. Despite the fact that you purchased a ticket, a ticket now unused, and furthermore were told by a Yankee employee that the game was canceled, you are locked out.

This was the life of many Yankee fans last night. Stuck outside the stadium because the New York Yankees abided by the letter of the law and not by natural common sense. This is just one more case of the Yankees brass just not getting it and treating their fans like shit. There are times when Rules are Meant to be Broken, that wouldn't be a saying if it wasn't the case. Last night was one of these times. Dedicated Yankee fans wanted to watch the game, a game they were told was no longer going to happen but they couldn't because the New York Yankees are unable to live in a world that is not simply black and white.

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