Why the Outrage over Manny?

Friday, May 08, 2009

Shouldn't everyone be numb by now? Shouldn't everyone get used to big names coming out and getting busted for steroids by now? Maybe it's just that my emotions are deteriorating into mostly apathy in my elder age, but why the outrage and wrath pointed at Manny Ramirez over his positive drug test? Two of the most notable reporters that I've seen come down with hell and fury are ESPN's Jayson Stark and Bill Plaschke of the LA Times. If they had their way Manny might be burnt at the stake. But why? What's the point?

Here's my points for apathy, even if you're the Dodgers organization, you shouldn't really care:

A) The amount of people that cheated over the past two decades is incredible. A-Rod broke the seal. To be surprised by any new name that comes out is incredibly foolish. By now when a new name comes out it should feel like, well there's another one. And really does it taint any of the Red Sox World Series Championships? I'm sure there will be names that pop up on the playoff rosters of their opponents that took steroids as well. Everyone was on it, get it in your head already.

B) Theoretically if Manny was on steroids last season it helped the Dodgers immeasurably. He was a God in LA, the fans loved him, he made the Dodgers boatloads of money, and he was the reason they got in the playoffs. They should actually be happy he was on steroids if it helped his performance.

C) By getting suspended for 50 games, the Dodgers A) Save themselves 7.5 Million, B) save 50 games of potential injury by Manny, C) Should still be in solid position to win the Division come July. 50 Games really isn't that harsh of a punishment.

So Manny's a cheater and a liar. So he would rather you think his penis doesn't work than he took steroids. He's certainly not the first and he won't be the last. Stop wasting your anger and rage on something that just doesn't mean that much.

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