Stop Blowing the Damn Whistle

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Of all words uttered last night during the 4th quarter none was more prevalent than the word "Foul". All in all there were 22 personal fouls, 4 technical fouls and 1 flagrant foul called in the 4th quarter. The whistle blew so much in the final 12 minutes that it truly made the game unwatchable.

Let's take a look at a few of the facts from the foulfest last night.

~The 4 technical fouls were all called on separate instances that occurred with 5:30 minutes from 9:11 to 3:48.

~Luke Walton went from 3 fouls to fouling in a total of 5 Nugget possessions. Throw on an additional personal and a technical and Walton was whistled 5 times in the 4th.

~From 4:05 to 3:00 there were 5 personal fouls and 2 technical fouls. Only one possession wound up in something other than free throws, a J.R. Smith missed three.

~The Nuggets scored 16 of their 43 4th quarter points on the free throw line.

~Kobe Bryant made 4 free throws in a row during one possession at the 3:48 mark thanks to a personal foul by Carmelo and technical fouls on Melo and Kenyon.

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Since the Celtics were kicked out, basketball just seems like its unwatchable. Maybe I'm a homer but these games don't have the fire of Celtics series'.

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