Keeping Up With Our Beloved Former Yankees: Kyle Farnsworth

Friday, May 01, 2009

Farny was definitely a beloved former Yankee. He was the only player on the team that inspired the hatred of Yankee fans on par with that of A-Rod. He was the pillar of bullpen disappointments, yet he is 4th all-time for the Yankees in Holds. YAY HOLDS! In the offseason Farny signed on to be the anchor setup man behind Joakim Soria, so let's check in to see just how he's doing.

0-3 with a 9.94 ERA, 2.05 WHIP, 6Ks in 8 apperances. YIKES!

To point out how its even worse than that line check out his gamelog. They don't even want him anywhere near a close game right now. In fact the Royals are 2-6 in games that Farny has pitched in. They are 10-4 in games Farny has not pitched in. He's like the black plague coming in from the bullpen. Poor Farny, he seems like a nice guy, he's just not very good.

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