SI Hot Clicks Is Carrying on the Tradition

Friday, May 15, 2009

We all know about the historic SI Cover jinx, its well chronicled over time. Well now I introduce you to its internet spawn, the SI Hot Clicks jinx. In two days, Jimmy at Hot Clicks has managed to kill off two streaks.

Zimmerman's streak has been going on for a month, yet Jimmy waited until it hit 30 games to mention it up and dedicate a major section to Hot Clicks to Zimm and the streak. What happens? He goes 0 for in the afternoon session and only hours after the Hot Clicks post, the streak is dead and buried. No DiMaggio for Zimmerman. But the Nats one, so I guess that's good.

Then yesterday he apologized to the readers about ending Zimmerman's streak and linked up my post on Chris Davis saying his strikeout streak was the new streak to follow. What does Davis do? He first off doesn't strike out at all, killing the streak. But he also hits a walk off homer. No more fun streak to follow.

So what's next Jimmy? Can you use the damn Jinxing powers for good? Or will they continue to be evil?

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