Tony Allen Stop Shooting!

Friday, May 01, 2009

I haven't posted about the NBA playoffs at all since its start because well the first 3 rounds all seem like a formality to me. So even though the Celtics and Bulls series has been fantastic, it kind of seems like a meaningless undercard matchup. But last night inspired rage, so....


Seriously, Tony you can't shoot. You shouldn't shoot. You shouldn't even be in the game on offensive possessions. Why the hell is Tony Allen taking two of the final three Celtics shots in regulation? This makes no sense to me nor anyone who has ever watch Tony Allen shoot. He has no touch. He has no conscience. He for some reason believes he can make shots. He can't.

Up by 5 with the basketball with a 1:15 left, the game is in the Celtics pocket. Yet, they let Tony Allen shoot the basketball. Brick. Brad Miller comes down and buries a 3. Next possession, Tony Allen shoots the basketball again. STOP FUCKING SHOOTING!!! The Bulls come down the court tie the game on an easy Brad Miller layup.

The Celtics had the game completely locked up and then they let Tony Allen shoot. Their reward is what should be a thrilling game 7. I hope they enjoy it.

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