David Ortiz's Quest For the Mendoza Line: Mission Accomplished

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In March when I purchased tickets for the Red Sox Mets matchup on Sunday the 24th little did I know that I was going to be in attendance for something so wonderfully delicious. I never could have imagined that on the day I sat on the Budweiser Roof that I would see David Ortiz go 0-5 and watch his average dip below the Mendoza line a full 154 at bats into the season. Oh sweet and delicious fail, how I enjoyed thee.

Too bad the Mets pitched Tim Redding and I was forced to watch them get pummeled and avoid an enjoyable sweep.

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Don't worry. According to Boston sports talk radio, he just needs a new eye glass prescription. Once he gets that straightened out, his timing/reflexes will be back to normal.

We all new this was going to happen eventually. He is an oversized 1-tool player who went form the garbage heap to playing well over what was expected from him. A couple nagging injuries and lack of steroids and this is the Papi that the Twins thought he was several years back.

JBills said...
4:36 PM  

AAF reported yesterday that he has family problems. Once he clears up his home life he will return to being one of the most feared hitters in the game.

Hart said...
7:20 AM  

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