Someone Put Steroids in Manny's Weed

Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Letter From Manny Ramirez to the Baseball Public

Hello faithful Dodger fans, Manny like to say, Manny have never taken steroids ever peroid. The only drug Manny have is Marijuana. But it is prescribed by my doctor to help me relax and for my asthma. Manny never buy steroids, someone slip somthin in my Weed without me knowing. The weed taste funny and some how heel my knee and Manny hit .400 for Dodgers. Manny figure it just better Weed, so Manny keep toking. Now Manny find out someone slip steroids in Weed. Manny never bought steroids, Manny was just being Manny healing terrible asthma and anxiety. Now Manny suspended, is not right. Let Manny be Manny.

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