Mo Williams Is Currently Not Up to the Task of Robin

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

If there's a lesson to be learned in this Magic-Cavaliers series it's that even the best player in the NBA needs a sidekick. Mo Williams was brought in this season to be the sidekick to get the Cavs over the hump and for the most part he's fit the bill. He made the All-Star team. He averaged nearly 18 points per game while shooting well over 40% from three during the regular season. He had solidified the point guard and the secondary scoring position position around Lebron. And then the Magic roll into town and poof, he's gone.

If you simply take a look at his scoring outputs in the 4 games played you might think otherwise. Mo has put up 17+ points in the 4 games, that sounds pretty good right? The problem is the clip he's been shooting at has been absolutely horrendous, especially from down town. In the four games played, Mo has yet to eclipse 33.3% from the field or 30% from downtown. In total he's gone just 6 for 27 from deep. In each game he's missed at least 10 shots. Throw in the fact that despite playing nearly 90 minutes over the last two games he's recorded just 5 total assists, and you're getting limited efficiency from a player who's supposed to be your secondary option.

Lebron doesn't need much to win basketball games, he's almost single handedly won a few of these games this series, what he does need is for the second best player on the roster to step up and start making shots with consistency. If that happens than perhaps it's not too early to write off the Kobe v. Lebron dream matchup all the marketers were hoping for.

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