Roger Clemens Is Very Adamant in His Lying

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Earlier this morning Roger Clemens broke his code of silence and appeared on ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike in the Morning, why he chose a show that is mostly a comedy show is a question for another day. On this appearance Roger came off as his typical self, someone that either was hit with the Men In Black Memory Eraser or someone that is very very dedicated to his lying ways.

The interview was particularly ground breaking or interesting, but its just another example of how ridiculous. They asked him about the needles that McNamee supposedely had, he said that it was impossible. He reiterated that Andy Pettitte is misremembering their discussions. He said that everything is a lie and that the book that's coming out is just a bunch of lies meant to drag him through the mud. Everything coming out of his mouth is so blah blah blah lie blah lie blah blah lie.

At the end of the day, it's nearly impossible to believe the man. One man has been proven to have told the truth about administering HGH to two former teammates and two former workout partners of Clemens. His wife has admitted using HGH. If Roger Clemens isn't lying than he's the unluckiest man on the planet. And that's pretty much why everyone leans towards the belief he's a lying douche. Plus, he gives off the aura of having a "I'm Better Than You" attitude, all in all he seems like a jackass. Here's hoping if he is in fact guilty that he gets his comeupins.

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