Who Wants to Pay the Washed Up Super Hero?

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Our good old friend Pedro Martinez is still out on the market, and thanks to the signing of Ollie P by the Mets, it looks like Citi Field is out of the question. So who the hell is going to sign him? How much is he going to want? And what kind of player is he? Let's look at what his stats say:

The Wins Say: "I'm coming close to hitting rock bottom"

The K/9 Says: "I'm falling falling falling... but now I just need to strike out 5 guys to get a K/9 of 9, so it's even worse than it looks."

The WHIP Says: "The Roller Coaster Ride is going up up up."

The ERA Says: "Up Down, Up Down, Up Down, WAAYYY UP"

So it's blatantly obvious that Pedro is light years out of his prime. The question is can he actually be a serviceable member of a rotation any more? Last year his ERA was over 5.50. He has a history of injury which will easily scare away teams. Finally he is a prideful man who was once clearly the best pitcher in the world. Could he convince himself to take a cheap deal that may not even guarantee him a spot in the rotation? I doubt it.

As time continues to pass over the next few weeks without Pedro getting signed, I think it may be more and more likely than Greg Maddux is going to have a buddy to share his 2013 HOF induction ceremony with.

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