What To Ask Donald Fehr?

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Donald Fehr the head of the MLBPA is speaking at my MBA course this evening at NYU. I am interested to find out A) what he's going to talk about B) if he has even the slightest sense of humor and C) is he capable of smiling. I'm not sure if I've ever seen him laugh or smile in public so we shall see if he possesses human like qualities.

Anyway, I figure this is the one time I'll be able to ask Mr. Fehr some questions. Yet, I'm kind of drawing a massive blank here. Do I ask him about steroids? That's so played out. Do I ask him about competetive balance and/or a salary cap? I don't even want a salary cap nor care if the Orioles are ever good again. I'm certainly not going to ask him dumb questions like what is it like to be the most powerful man in baseball or how did you get the job.

Alright dedicated 2 1/2 readers, I need your help. Give me some ideas.

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