Being a Jet Fan Sucks

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I had a decision to make as a child, do I follow my father's divergent confusing fanhood* or do I blaze my own path. I was a stupid child so naturally I decided to blaze my own path. Great fucking choice assshole. Being a Jet absolutely fan sucks and they just might be the worst NFL team to pull for**.

The Jets have an uncanny ability to get ones hopes up and then quickly drop the hammer and shatter your spirit. Last season the Jets were 8-3 and coming off victories against the Titans and Pats. Every single analyst was drinking the green koolaid and some even went so far as saying the Jets were the best team in the NFL. Jet fans were on cloud nine, maybe just maybe we had a team to go back to the Superbowl. 5 weeks later the Jet fans were watching Chad Pennington whip their asses, Brett Favre throw arm punt number 24, and Eric Mangini get fired due to a 1-4 finish.

This season the Jets started of 3-0 and were headed to New Orleans for a showdown, a potential SuperBowl preview. Since then the Jets have gone 1-5, with each loss more brutal than the next. The Saints offense scored just 10 points against the Jets, a season low, but Marky Mark gave the defense two scores. The first loss to the Dolphins came on a last minute touchdown when the Jets defense was disgraceful. The next week the Marky Mark threw 5 fucking interceptions and the Jets lost at home to the fucking Bills despite leading for the majority of the game and being about two yards away from field goal range in overtime. Two weeks ago in a rematch against the Dolphins the Jets defense and offense played well but their special teams decided to take a nap and lose the game. That game also included the Jets having the ball at the fucking 12 down 5 with 2 minutes to go. Finally this week, the final nail in the coffin, the Jets fight back and score a go ahead touchdown with 5 minutes left. It was time to bring out the defense that dominated in the 2nd half to stuff the Jaguars and win the game. Or not. The Jags moved the ball with ease, killed the entirety of the clock, and kicked a field to walk off with a victory.

Being a passionate Jet fan is signing up for one miserable fall after another. God I'm a fucking moron.

*Giants and Pats, a story for another day.

**Honestly I think being a Lions fan would be less brutal. The Lions never ever get a fans hopes up, thus developing a massive sense of apathy. Sure watching an 0-16 team is brutal but by game 5 you just don't give a shit anymore and you probably don't even bother watching.

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I couldnt agree more, being a jets fan is horrible, i dont know why i chose to like them my older brother and most of my friends are giant fans, and they bitch about them, meanwhile there stupid ass team won a superbowl two years ago and they are always at least a contender for the playoffs. Id just like to add a few more things, like for example brett comes to the jets and it was one of the happiest moments in my life, finally the jets got a great quarterback, and ofcoarse he gets hurt for the only time in his fucking career and cant throw worth a shit, and the year after goes to the vikings and they are 8-1 and strong superbowl contenders, there is no way to explain it other then fitting, only the jets. one more thing that realy grinds my nuts, is the jets drafting d'fatsstupidnigashaw ferguson. Fuck him hes not even good, not to mention they passed on to name a few, aj hawk, santonio holmes, joseph live and let addai, and jay chicken cutler. not to mention that they have the ugliest jerseys in the league play in GIANTS stadium, and have the uncanny ability to bore the living hell out of your for the three hours that you waste your time watching this retarded team. But i must say there is hope we finally drafted a young quarterback, who i believe will be a great player, we also are getting a new stadium it wont be ours but at least its not called giants stadium. oh one last thing fuckin chad wict pendleton is retarded and throwa legitimately like a girl, then goes to the fuck wolphins and takes them to the playoffs and wins the fucking division, fuck the jets

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