Week 10 NFL Pick Suggestions

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The NFL Network is now playing a Thursday night game every week, which just throws everything off. I need to remember to set my roster on Thursday. I need to get my picks in by thursday. All for the crap matchup they show us every Thursday night.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars (+6 1/2) at New York Jets
The glass is half empty in this neighborhood. Why are the Jets giving 6 1/2 to a team that has the same exact record as them? I'm hoping the bye week will straighten their asses out, but my hopes aren't through the roof.

2. Denver Broncos(-4 1/2) at Washington Redskins
Ha Broncos, I finally got you right last week, however, this week I'm going with you. The Broncos are only giving 4 1/2? Am I missing something? Bookies know the Reskins are terrible right?

3. Minnesota Vikings (-16 1/2) vs. Detroit Lions
16 1/2 is a shit load of points. I understand this. I also understand that the Lions defense is terrible and that the Vikings just might score on every single offensive possession.

4. New Orleans Saints (-13.5) at St. Louis Rams
The Saints have snuck by the past few weeks but that has been against division rivals that know them incredibly well. Against the Rams, Drew Brees will once again go wild.

5. Dallas Cowboys (-2 1/2) at Green Bay Packers
This game should be close but I'm pretty confident that the Cowgirls will pull it out. The Pack can't block and eventually DeMarcus Ware is going to make a huge game changing play that will make all the difference.

Survivor Pick of the Week: Saints
The Saints are undefeated. The Rams are 1-7. This is automatic right? I hope.

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How about a Patriots / Colts comparison? Probably too late but Sunday night is looking like one of the top games of the season.

Hart said...
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I like what you are doing Simon... keep up the great work!!

You may enjoy my picks @


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