The Big 5 College Football Games of Week 13

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This weekend is pretty much just an appetizer to Conference Championship weekend.

5. Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Stanford Cardinal
Not like Charlie Weis has any life support cords still connected to his body but in the 0.005% chance that Notre Dame has not already made up their mind to fire him, a loss to Stanford would pretty much cinch that up. The Pick: Cardinal by 3

4. Pittsburgh Panthers at West Virginia Mountaineers
The Wannstache heads into the back yard brawl dreaming of BCS trips to come. All he needs to do is beat Cincinnati next weekend. But what about the backyard brawl? It is their rivalry game? It kind of means nothing when it comes to the BCS bid. Will he overlook them? The Pick: Pitt by 3

3. Texas Lonhorns at Texas A&M Aggies
The Longhorns are two wins away from the Championship Game trip that narrowly escaped them last year. The Aggies won't be much of a road block. The Pick: Longhorns by 20

2. Florida State Seminoles at Florida Gators
Oh how I think we all wish the Seminoles were still good and this matchup had some kind of intrigue. Instead the Seminoles are a reeling 6-5 team with little to no hope of even being competitive with the Gators. The Pick: Gators by 23.

1. Alabama Crimson Tide at Auburn Tigers
The Iron Bowl is the biggest show of the weekend. The Tide win and they are in the Semifinals. They lose and then it becomes highly more questionable. Would they deserve to be ahead of TCU / Cincy if they beat Florida in the SEC title game? I'm not sure. But that question likely won't need to be answered. The Pick: Tide by 10

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