The Tough Luck Former Yankees

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Let's take a quick look back at some of the players from 2001-2008 that never got to lift up a World Series trophy with the Yankees.

Mike Mussina (2001-2008)

The man is sandwiched between World Series victories. Is there anything worse? He's a borderline Hall of Famer (I don't think he gets in) and he left after his first and only 20 win season. His departure, in part, led the Yankees to bring in CC and Burnett. 8 seasons in pin stripes for Muss. 7 trips to the playoffs. 1 epic relief appearance. 2 World Series Trips. Zero Rings.

Gary Sheffield (2004-2006)

The Sheff came into the Bronx coming off a terrific year with the Bravos. He then dominated AL pitching finishing 2nd in the MVP voting in 2004. Unfortunately he was a part of the epic collapse against Boston. After being ravaged by injuries in 2006 the Yanks let him find employment elsewhere. 3 Years in Pin Stripes. Zero Rings.

Alphonso Soriano (1999-2003)

I'm not sure Soriano counts because he was a September call up in both 1999 and 2000, so he likely has a ring, but his first full time role came in 2001. He proceeded to hit what we thought was the game winning homer in Game 7 of the World Series to jump him into Yankee lore, but somehow Mo lost the game. Bad year for New York. Soriano was then sent packing to bring in Kate Hudson Clutch-Rod.

Jason Giambi (2002-2008)

The gold thong was brought in to be a hero and he was pretty damn good for a time. He was a key performer in the 2003 series win over the Red Sox and all was looking good, until they lost to the Marlins. Giambi eventually got busted for Roids and morphed into a very fat and slow first baseman. He was let go for an upgrade at first in Big Tex. 7 Years in Pin Stripes. 1 World Series trip. Zero Rings.

Bobby Abreu (2006-2008)

Abreu was traded for at the 2006 deadline. With him he brought a giggling hispanic man who was a afraid of the wall. He also hit relatively well.

Nick Johnson (2001-2003)

Nick the not so quick was a balding 20 something year with a decent stick while with the Yanks. His glove was also a billion times better than Giambi's. He looked like he might create a solid 1-2 punch at first/DH. Then the Yankees traded him for Javy Vazquez in an effort to strengthen the rotation. Didn't work.

Carl Pavano (2005-2008)

I love jokes. Carl Pavano sucked the life out of the Yankees. He stole money and everyone disliked him. Too bad someone can't strip away his Marlins World Series ring.

Kyle Farnsworth (2006-2008)

Everyone loved to hate Farny, but the dude definitely cared. He was actually finding a bit of a groove in 2008 with Girardi as manager. That is until they traded him for Pudge and he started crying. 3 years in Pin Stripes. Zero Rings.

Scott Proctor (2004-2007)

Proctor was Joe Torre's little bullpen toy to use every single day. His arm as since fallen off.

Kevin Brown (2004-2005)

Steroids and at the tail end of his career. Ya good trade Cashman.

I'm sure I missed a couple good ones please fill me in.

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