The Phrase "Manage the Game" Bothers Me

Monday, November 30, 2009

While watching the New York Jets defeat the Carolina Panthers, I was subjected to the FOX announcers, Brian Billick and Thom Brennaman, uttering the phrase "Manage the Game" on repetition for three hours. The Jets just want Mark Sanchez to "Manage the Game". Rex Ryan has to be pleased with the way Mark Sanchez is "Managing the Game". Etc. Etc. Etc. It's annoying. At one point in time Mark Sanchez was 2 for 5 with woooo no interceptions and Brian Billick said something along the lines with this is exactly how Rex Ryan wants Mark Sanchez to manage the game.

When announcers utter the phrase "Manage the Game" it essentially means they, along with everyone else, thinks that the quarterback is a detriment to the team and that the his one and that his job is to hand the ball off, throw screen and 5 yard passes, never take chances, and not be stupid. No NFL fan truly wants their quarterback to "Manage the Game". They actually want their quarterback to participate in winning the game. If all you want your quarterback to do is "Manage the Game" than why the hell is he your starting quarterback?

It's great that the Jets won yesterday, but the credit goes to the defense and not to Mark Sanchez. He led the offense to one touchdown drive of 38 yards*. Not exactly Brady-esque. He simply didn't lose the game like he did the Pats and Saints games. So please spare me any praise thrust Sanchez's way after this weekends performance and definitely spare me the phrase "Manage the Game" for the remainder of the New York Jets' telecasts.

*In fairness, Sanchez should have led the Jets to a 78 yard td drive except Dustin Keller decided to be careless at the goal line.

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I also hate that phrase beyond belief! Think about it, who is the best in the business? Peyton Manning right? Isn't he a game manager? YES. He is just the best. Every QB manages the game. Announcers are idiots.

237 said...
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Color commentators are one of the most frustrating and essentially useless thing while watching football (or almost any sport). I mute the tv half the time between plays because I can't take their inability to let one second go by without filling the air with their non sensible analysis. A run up the middle for one yard doesn't need to be analyzed every time. College color commentators are even worse. I can't remember the last time I sat through an entire college game, and didn't want to pour hot candle wax in my ears. Between not knowing the rules, blowing calls and flat out being wrong about whatever the hell they're talking about, color commentators are equatable to cancer.

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