Dear Jason Witten, I Don't Like You

Monday, November 30, 2009

Dear Jason Witten,

You don't know me and chances are pretty good that we will never meet, but I just want to say that you annoy the hell out of me and likely many others like me. See I drafted you in fantasy football this year thinking that you would be a beast. T.O. was gone and even more balls were going to come your way. So I thought. But that hasn't been the case. You've been an epic disappointment. Whatever the reason is, you haven't gotten it done. So on Wednesday when I was watching NFL live and they said that you were questionable, a game time decision and probably not going to go, I thought "Ok well whatever not like you've been good all year. I'll just bench you in case you don't play and pick up whatever TE off the waiver wire." What happens? You actually play and you have the one good game you've had all year. Thanks jackass.

Everyone that Drafted You

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Sounds like you are the dumbass.

Anonymous said...
11:09 AM  

No debating with you there...

Simon said...
11:11 AM  

to the writer of this letter i too drafted witten, but in football sometimes you sacrifice your stats when you have to stay in and block. sorry you are dissappointed in the lack of stats but he is doing his job week in and week out. what more could you ask of a great tightend like him. cowboys are in first and thats where i like them. go witten, go boys

Anonymous said...
2:29 PM  

I would prefer the Cowboys lose and Witten end up with 85 and a td each week.

Simon said...
2:31 PM  

Get a life. It's FANTASY football. Witten is a succesfull athelete, he plays for a professional football TEAM and makes millions. You? Your at home pecking away on your pc in your typical non-Fantasy loser world.

Anonymous said...
5:03 PM  

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