Yay, The Jets Still Suck But Now They're Assholes Too

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Jets lose in horrendous fashion so naturally its time to rejoice with miserable sarcasm. Take it away Bart:

"They're a great team," Scott said after the 30-25 defeat, per Tim Graham of ESPN.com. "They'll probably contend for the Super Bowl. They have a tremendous offense, great running backs, a great quarterback, a great tight end. They are stacked across the board. I'm serious. They are great.

"Like I said, they have a great team. They have a tremendous offense and they showed it today. They are Super Bowl contenders and they will probably take it all the way." [ESPN]

Memo to the New York Jets, please shut up. Please don't utter a single other word about the Miami Dolphins because you may think you are better than the Dolphins but you are not. You lost two times. The first matchup your defense didn't show up, this past sunday your special teams were abused. If you're pissed off about this Bart, then saddle up, go back to your roots and play kickoff returns. Else, get your ass in gear, keep your mouth shut, and come back from the bye week and win some football games.

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Pretty excited for November 22nd. I predict the Pats to win by at least 10.

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