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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Before you yell and say where is so and so team, please read my polling philosophy and then yell afterwards.

1. Alabama - I almost jumped Florida over the Crimson Tide this week thanks to the Hokies losing yet again, but after I looked at it some more Bama still deserves to remain at the top. Quality Wins: Virginia Tech(n), @Ole Miss, South Carolina, Arkansas, Tennessee

2. Florida - The Gators put another beatdown on the Richts in the cocktail party. The Bama Gator showdown is only a month away. Quality Wins: Tennessee, @LSU, Arkansas, Georgia (n)

3. Texas - If only Texas had a beneficial OOC win. Quality Wins: TT, Oklahoma (n), @Oklahoma St.

4. Iowa - If only the Big 10 had some impressive OOC wins outside of Arizona. Quality Wins: @Penn State, @Wisconsin, Arizona

5. Boise State - It's the debate in your head that says how can I rank team A over team B when team B has a better record and beat team A even though team A has 4 better wins than team B. For one more week I'm holding with team B, Boise St. Quality Wins: Oregon

6. Oregon- The crushing of USC was quite imptessive. It's too bad the Ducks choked in Boise else I would probably be voting them #1 in the country right now. Quality Wins: Utah, Cal, @UCLA, USC

7. Cincinnati - I moved up Cincy because Rutgers, BeaverU and USF all one this weekend and improved to 6-2, 5-3. 6-2 respectively. When they beat Pitt and WVU I'm gonna have a hard time not having them jump Oregon, Boise, Iowa and perhaps Texas. Quality Wins: @Rutgers, @Oregon State, @USF

8. TCU - Quality Wins: @Clemson, @BYU

9. LSU - .Quality Wins: Auburn, @Georgia

10. Georgia Tech - So Duke is essentially the only team that can dethrone from their ACC Coastal perch... I think it's safe to say their in the ACC Title Game in a few weeks. Quality Wins: Clemson, UNC, VT

11. Southern Cal -This weekend was embarrassing but they still do have three huge road victories over ranked opponents. Quality Wins: @Ohio St., @Cal, @Notre Dame - Bad Losses: Washington, Oregon

12-25 is just a massive I have no idea whats going on disaster that I likely just made a lot of mistakes because I didn't have a ton of time to analyze this... Next week there might be a bit of a reshuffle as I take the time to analyze team by team a little bit better.

1 Alabama
2 Florida
3 Texas 1
4 Iowa 1
5 Boise State 1
6 Oregon 1
7 Cincinnati 3
10 Georgia Tech 2
11 Southern Cal 6
12 Penn State 2
13 Houston 2
14 Pittsburgh 1
15 Miami (Florida) 4
16 Ohio State 5
17 Arizona 3
18 Virginia Tech 5
19 Brigham Young 3
20 Oklahoma 4
21 California
22 Notre Dame 3
23 South Florida
24 North Carolina
25 Auburn
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: West Virginia (#16), Oklahoma State (#17), South Carolina (#18), Georgia (#23).

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