Quick Notes: NFL Week 10 Preview

Friday, November 13, 2009

~In honor of Hart's request for thoughts surrounding the Pats vs. Colts this weekend here is a version of quick notes surrounding this weekends games.

~Honestly, I don't think the Pats or the Colts are anywhere near their dominant selves of 2004ish, despite their combined 14-2 record.

~The Pats have a couple of OK wins this year over Atlanta and Baltimore but other than that their schedule has been relatively weak. They dominated two miserable teams in weeks 6 and 7. They lost to the Jets and Broncos, two teams that likely aren't Super Bowl contenders*. Last week they were victorious but not that impressively.

~The Colts on the other hand are COMPLETELY 1 dimensional. This team is 100% reliant on Peyton Manning, without him they might be 0-8 instead of 8-0. The Colts are averaging just 85 rushing yards per game. The Pats shouldn't have much of an issue crushing the run and putting pressure on Manning, but that's what every other team this season has done and the Colts still haven't lost.

~As for whose going to win... I really have no idea. If Brady plays like he did the first 5 weeks than the Pats will likely lose. If he continues the roll he's been on the past couple of weeks than it will likely morph into a classic Brady Manning shootout. I went with the Colts, but I'm honestly not comfortable with the pick and certainly wouldn't be willing the throw money down on the game.

~The Bengals and the Broncos are officially the two most surprising teams in the NFL. This week the Bengals attempt to grab a strangle-hold on the AFC North. I don't see that happening. In the first matchup the Bengals needed to mount a last minute drive which included a huge 4th down conversion. They also needed a pick 6. And they were certainly helped by the game being in Cincy and the Steelers being without Troy Polamalu. These factors are reversed and the Steelers are going to win.

~As a Jet fan, it's already time to start looking at ways they can fiddle their way back into the wildcard race, therefore one game of interest to me is the Philly vs. San Diego game. I could really really use the Eagles to win this weekend but again I'm not seeing it. Brian Westbrook may still be out and the last time the Eagles flew out to the West Coast, they lost to the fucking Raiders. The Raiders.

~Jay Cutler went whoopsies a lot last night.

~The Jets should win but they will lose.

~The Lions are going to let the Vikings score 900 points. The Rams will also give up close to 4 figures to the Saints.

~I wonder if the Panthers one game will just throw zero passes. It might help.

~The Battle of Florida will be not seen by anybody outside of Florida.

~Kansas City vs. Oakland will be seen by nobody at all.

~DeMarcus Ware will break Aaron Rodgers spine this week.

~If the Seahawks can win, they just might contend for the NFC West. But they will lose.

~That Titans Bills game is certainly a can't miss.

~I can't to watch the monday night thriller in Cleveland. Woo the Browns are so sexy...

*Yes I'm discrediting the Broncos again. Screw 'em, they aren't that good.

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They shouldn't call this the match up of the decade, they should call this "Opportunity for TV time-outs of the decade." Commercials are brutal, totally screwing the game's rhythm.

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