Dear Grady Sizemore

Monday, November 30, 2009

Dear Grady Sizemore,

Have you ever heard of Vanessa Hutchins? I'm just wondering because one would have thought when her photos leaked out that perhaps sending provocative photos through email might have been removed from the equation. How about Santonio Holmes? Have you ever heard of him? The Steelers Wide Receiver whom unleashed the Python on Deadspin viewers a few years back? Does that name escape you as well?

I understand your girlfriend is incredibly hot and you wanted to do something for her, but you had to kind of know this was coming right? You probably have at least a handful of deranged stalkers or mad ex girlfriends that you knew had the ability to hack into your accounts. Now you have pictures on the internet of just you and a coffee cup. Congrats big man. Enjoy 2010 with the Indians.

People That Don't Want to See Your Penis

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