The Big 5 College Football Games of Week 11

Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's time for Spurrier to take another crack at knocking the Gators off. Hasn't really worked so well for him in the past and chances are it won't be working on Saturday either.

5. Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Pittsburgh Panthers
Shall we dub this the Fire Charlie Weis bowl? After a loss against Navy it's time Charlie does something that he never seems to do, beat a team that he's supposed to lose to. A 4th loss just might be the final straw in the FUPA's tenure. Than again the Wannstache doesn't exactly win big games often either. The Pick: FUPA by 3

4. Florida Gators at South Carolina Gamecocks
Like I said before Spurrier vs. the Gators is always interesting. Problem is since Meyer took over the Swamp ship, the Gators have been amongst the best teams in the country. Meyer has a 3-1 advantage over Spurrier and I think its time to make that 4-1. The Pick: Gators by 16

3. West Virginia Mountaineers at Cincinnati Bearcats
The Mountaineers win out and they once again secure the Big East crown. The Bearcats win out and there is the off chance that they might have a Crystal Ball in their future. We're going with Cincy due to the Kelly-Stewart advantage. The Pick: Cincy by 7

2. Iowas Hawkeyes at Ohio State Buckeyes
This game would have been interesting if Ricky Stanzi didn't go boom last week. Now it appears as if the Hawkeyes dream season ended the second he was tackled in the endzone last week. The Buckeyes are going to the Rose Bowl. The Pick: Buckeyes by 17.

1. Utah Utes at Texas Christian Horned Frogs
Its a week where we actually have to pay attention to the Moutain West Conference. That is if you actually get Versus. Regardless a victory here should send the Horned Frogs to their first ever BCS game. The Pick: TCU by 10

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