World Series Quick Notes

Monday, November 02, 2009

~The ninth inning for the Phillies was a managerial debacle. First off if you run the shift with a person who has speed on first base someone on your team has to know that they need to cover third base. Whether it be Ruiz sprinting immediately following the throw or it be Lidge. Someone needs to be there. Secondly, after Lidge had given up a hit, a double steal and hit Teixeira someone needed to go to the mound. This is the most important at bat of the season and your closer is obviously rattled. Get to the mound talk strategy and settle him down. Instead, nothing happened, AROD got the winning hit and the Phillies are one loss away to a runner up.

~I would also like to thank Charlie Manuel and Cliff Lee for the decision to not go Cliff Lee in game 4. Joe Blanton pitched a decent game but 4 runs through 6 is not good enough. Cliff Lee gives you the best chance to win a baseball game and you have opted to use him just twice.

~Jorge Posada is literally the slowest man in the entire universe.

~I want Jayson Stark to tell me when the last time a player had 2 steals on a single pitch.

~CC essentially had his B- stuff in two consecutive starts and still with the exception of Chase Utley dominated the Phillies lineup. I'm pretty sure we can stop with the CC can't pitch in the postseason junk that was brought on by the three starts of yesteryear.

~Centaurs get clutch hits in the 9th inning, did you not know this Brad Lidge?

~I prefer my October classic to be played in October.

~Ryan Howard could probably light the stadium with the amount of wind power he produces on whiff after whiff after whiff.

~I think tonight is the night that Cano joins the party.

~I feel like an old man as last night I needed to have a cup of tea to get caffeine in my system to keep me awake.

~One more game...

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