NFL Week 10 Awards

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wow You Guys Suck: Cleveland Browns, Boy am I glad that the Browns were on monday night football with their zero offensive weapons and miserable offensive line. That was so entertaining. Runners Up: the Chiefs and the Raiders cause no one watched that game to have any idea what happened.

Cough Cough Cough: The New York Jets, This was their season. Their offense had just scored a touchdown to complete the comeback. The defense was on fire in the 2nd half. So what does the defense do on its last drive? Cough up the game and the season. Runners Up: Kevin Faulk catches the ball immediately and they win, the Pats defensive ineptitude in the 4th is what lost the game.

The Shocker: The Bengals, I honestly thought it was a relative lock that the Bengals were going to head into Pittsburgh and lose. I didn't think they would necessarily get crushed but I thought a loss was a certainty. I was wrong and now the Bengals are back in the AFC North driver seat. Who dey? Runners Up: The Redskins cause who knew they had a win in them, the Cowboys got crunched.

The Pimp: Maurice Jones-Drew, First he dominated the first half against the Jets and then he made the smart play of kneeling at the one allowing the Jags to kill the clock and knock home a last second field goal. Runners Up: Peyton Manning is the MVP, Chris Johnson went 100,100.

This Scarecrow Needs a Brain: NFL Replay, I'm not a Cowboy fan, but the fact that they could not review Marion Barber blatantly falling on a Tony Romo fumble and not being ruled down is stupid. Replay should be all or nothing. Replay pisses me off. Runners Up: ESPN for hiring Matt Millen, Jay Cutler might be diabetic and color blind.

You Got JAKKED UP: Zac Robinson,

My Fantasy MVP: Randy Moss, The Man is an AA, an Awesome Asshole.

New York Jets Anti-MVP: Fuck it, Everyone

My Picks

My Picks: 9-6
Preseason Picks: 11-4
Picks Vs. Spread: 7-8
Pick Suggestions: 1-4

Weeeeee, my best picks happened 2 months ago.

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