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Friday, January 15, 2010

Blogging the Offseason worked so well for the MLB that I'm bringing it back for the NFL. You can find all the posts under the label Offseason or just go here.

Today's blogger is BW from the Tampa Bay Bucs blog, Buc 'Em.

1. The NFC South has been won by whomever finished last in the division for several years running right now. What do the Bucs need to do to keep that trend going?
BW: The Bucs have a long way to climb to make this happen. The biggest issue is fixing the defense. Our offense is average and will provide us an opportunity to win games assuming our defense can hold teams to 20ish points. Our 2010 opponents give us a chance to get some wins, but ultimately, it will come down to better run defense and an ability to limit the big play.

2. Should Raheem Morris have been let go after the season or do you think he's moving the team in the right direction?
BW: This is a touchy subject in Buc world. I was not thrilled with the hire, but the guy won 3 games with a very poor roster. If we were talking about a 0 or 1 win season, I think he would be out, but 3 wins, while not great, gives us room to breathe. The team seemed to play much better after we switched back to the Tampa Two and the running game was discovered. Morris hasn't won over 98% of the town, but 2010 is make or break. I went into 2009 knowing it was year 1 of rebuilding, which is typically a bad year, but year 2 has to show great strides to keep him around.

3. What are some things you saw from Josh Freeman that you liked and what does he need to improve on for next year? Is he a franchise quarterback?
BW: Freeman impressed me with his ability to not only shake a would-be tackler off, but to keep his focus downfield and be a quarterback first. Most young guys are quick to run, but he was always looking to make plays with his arm. He has to improve on three things, ball security, accuracy, and turnovers. He tried to make too many tight throws and just isn't ready to read NFL defenses and speed.

He could very well be a franchise quarterback, but that type of designation will take time to be given to him. He's been handed the keys to the team, it's on him to become the face and future of the franchise.

4. The Bucs have the #3 pick in the draft. Whom do you want the Bucs to take and whom do you think they will take?
BW: In a dream world the Bucs get the Nebraska DT Ndamukong Suh. Realistically, he's gone so we've been looking at either Suh, Gerald McCoy (DL) or Eric Berry (DB) at #3. Any of those guys would fill a hole on our defense. I'm of the belief that a defensive lineman, particularly a tackle is needed to anchor our defense.

5. After your first round pick what holes will the Bucs be looking to fill? Do you have any targets in mind that you hope the Bucs grab?
The defense should be the focus, but I expect us to go defensive tackle or safety in round 1, then in round 2, I'd like to see us snag a wide receiver to go opposite Antonio Bryant, and with our other number 2, pick up the other defensive tackle or safety that we didn't get in round 1. No doubt we'll go after offensive line depth later, but our secondary and defensive line have to be a priority.

6. Will Ronde Barber retire this offseason or stick it out a few more years?
BW: He is definitely here for 2010, but I think that's it. His contract runs through 2011 I believe, but with no CBA and the proposed strike in 2011, he has said that he will fulfill his contract and that's it for him. I think as long as Raheem Morris is around, Ronde will be here. Once he hits 2011 though, I'd assume he is done.

7. Cadillac Williams had a bounce back season would have been a comeback of the year candidate if not for Brady. What do you expect from Cadillac in 2010?
BW: Let me first say I am a HUGE Cadillac homer. With him being a restricted free agent, I think that gives credence to him being with the Bucs in 2010. If that's the case, I think he comes in as our #1 running back, and as long as he stays healthy, only Greg Olson, our offensive coordinator can slow him down. If Caddy gets in a full 16 games, I'd expect 1200 yards, 8 TD and at least one fan (me) jumping and screaming every time he touches the ball.

8. Mike Nugent was a ton of fun this season eh? Do the Bucs need to go out and get a solid kicker for next season or is the guy you picked up serviceable for the future?
BW: Ah, the kicker dilemma. Connor Barth is alright, but I think he'll have competition in 2010. I don't see us drafting a kicker just due to the fact there are so many out there that you can pluck off the streets.

9. Give me 3 Bucs that are under the radar that you thing will have big seasons in 2010.
BW: This is difficult, because to me, none of these guys are under the radar. Geno Hayes. He may not be under the radar anymore, but he can play. If we stay in the Tampa Two, you'll hear his name. Roy Miller. Rookie defensive tackle this year, he got a bit of playing time, but I think he is a full time starter next year. He may not generate stats, but he should help control the line. Sammy Stroughter. Freeman loves him and he has the makeup of a great slot receiver.

10. The Tampa Bay Bucs will reach the Superbowl in________.
BW: 2013 season. It won't be in the next two years, but that will be Freeman's 5th year with most of our stars now still being around (Ruud, Hayes, Jackson etc).

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did this rutard say a 3 win season gives them room to breathe, room for what not getting the first overall pick. 3 wins sucks no matter what the talent level on the team is and should never be acceptable

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