Looking Back At the Preseason Odds

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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With four teams left in the race for a Super Bowl championship, let's take a quick look back to the preaseason when all was unknown and Vegas set odds on who were the favorites to win the grand prize.

Of the four teams remaining, the Colts had the best odds to win the Super Bowl. This isn't really surprising as they have won 11+ games basically every season the past decade. What might be surprising is that the Colts were seen as just the 6th overall favorite at 12-1 odds. The Pats led the way at 4-1 (Yay Tom Brady) and were followed by the Steelers, Eagles, Giants and Chargers.

The Vikings weren't too far behind the Colts at 14-1 as the addition of Brett Favre made Vegas odds makers do a quick bump up and perhaps people should have listened. The Vikings were quite obviously a quarterback away from the Super Bowl and maybe we should have expected Brett Favre to be a complete jackass and play out of his mind all season.

The Saints odds were set at 20-1 after finishing last in the NFC South but with the way the NFC South likes to flip flop the standings season after season perhaps we should have expected the Saints to take home the division and push for the Super Bowl. Then again the last NFC South team to win the title was the Bucs back in 03 so maybe not.

The Jets of course were the long shots of the 4 teams remaining. They had a rookie coach and a rookie quarterback. Their odds were 35-1 which was only better than 8 teams. The Bengals were the only member of this 8 team group that made the playoffs.

Essentially if you bet 100 dollars in August on one of these teams to win the Super Bowl you are looking at a minimum of a 1200 dollar payout. Not a bad gamble if you were bright enough to go with one of these teams.

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