Breaking Down the Divisional Matchups

Friday, January 15, 2010

The below charts show a diamond for each team. The corresponding points on the axis are based on their yardage ranks. So for instance the Jets rank #1 in Pass D, so their axis point is at 32, or the best. Their pass O ranks 31st so their axis point for pass O is at 2 or basically the worst. In each chart I've labeled each axis to clarify what you are looking at.

Saints vs. Cardinals

The Cardinals for the second week in a row look relatively over matched. The Saints have a dominate rush and pass offense which should easily be able to torch the Cardinals for points. The Saints also have a decent rush D which should be able to hold Beanie Wells and co. to limited production. Once again the Cardinals are going to be entirely reliant on Kurt Warner morphing into Superman. The big difference between last week and this week is that the Saints pass Defense is expected to be terrible. This game has shootout written all over it with a mild edge to the Saints whom should also be able to kill clock behind Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush if desired.

Vikings vs. Cowboys

On paper this looks like the most even of all the playoff matchups. Both teams have top ranked rushing defenses which should be able to combat their opponents top ranked rush offenses. Both teams have middle of the pack pass defenses which will likely struggle against the opposing pass offenses. This game truly looks like a battle that will be decided by Tony Romo and Brett Favre with the player who has the best performance moving on another week.

Colts vs. Ravens

The Colts Diamond is the skinniest and smallest of all the teams remaining in the playoffs. They have the worst ranked rushing attack in the NFL. Their defense isn't ranked particularly high in any category. The Colts just have one thing that nobody else in the league has and his name is Peyton Manning. The Ravens should handle anything Joseph Addai or Donald Brown throws at them and they should be able to control the clock behind Willis McGahee and Ray Rice. But can they stop Peyton from quick scores?

Chargers vs. Jets

The Jets have this pretty looking and wide Triangle because they are a run first one dimensional offense. The Chargers have surprisingly been almost as one dimensional as the Jets this season with their pass offense near the leagues best and their rush offense only ranked ahead of the Colts. Will the Jets #1 ranked pass defense be able to contain the aerial attack of Rivers, Jackson, Gates and Floyd? If they can't and they fall behind early the Jets behind Mark Sanchez can essentially pack as the Chargers defensive strength is their pass defense. But if the Jets manage to get an early lead they just might be able to control the clock with Greene and Thomas Jones.

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You should work for ESPN.

What would be really interesting was if you took all the rankings for every team in the league, computed the area of the 32 polygons, and then correlate that to final standings... theoretically the largest area would be the number one ranked team.

Hart said...
8:46 AM  

And the spreadsheet is done... shall post next week.

Simon said...
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