From Michigan Man to Pizza Man back to Michigan Man

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Of all the people in the world to become an Athletic Director at a major university, CEO of a Major Corporation would probably be amongst the most shocking but likely rewarding. Meet David Brandon, former backup quarterback at Michigan in the late 70s, turned business man, turned CEO at Domino's Pizza since 1999 and now turned Michigan Athletic Director.

Color me pleased. As a Michigan Fan I think you have to be at least somewhat excited about this news. The man has run a major and complicated franchise structure for a decade, running an athletic program should be a much less daunting task. He obviously has incredible love for the school as he served as a Regent for 8 years and now has moved from CEO to AD because of his love of the school and the opportunity. Finally, Ann Arbor's Domino's Pizza Franchises will now deliver your pizza in 10 minutes or less or your money back.

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