Revisiting My NFL Season Predictions

Monday, January 04, 2010

The regular season is over so let's take a look back at just how dumb or brilliant I was with my predictions this season. (edge goes to dumb)

I was within 1 game for 9 of the 16 NFC teams. That's actually not bad but I did make a few grievous mistakes. The biggest mistake is quite obviously the Washington Redskins. 9-7? What the hell was I thinking? Well their schedule was a cake walk and I thought they would get off to a hot start and then fizzle. They were pretty much just all fizzle.

I got 5 of the 6 playoff teams right with the lone incorrect pick being the Giants in favor of the Vikings. I guess I was just expecting the Favre December collapse, or at least hoping for it.

As for the AFC my biggest mistake was the Broncos whom I thought were going to be shit. They turned out to be shit, but that was after they rattled off 6 straight wins to start the season. I'm still kind of befuddled how this happened. The other big mistakes came from stroking the cock of the Pats and Steelers. I guess I figured Brady would return to 2007 Brady immediately, he didn't and figured Troy Polamalu would not get injured, he did.

I ended up with 4 of the 6 AFC playoff teams right with the incorrect being the Steelers over the Bengals and the Titans over the Jets despite me nailing the Jets record. Who knew that a year after the Pats were shutout of the playoffs at 11-5 that the Jets would sneak in at 9-7?

All in all not a terrible year. 9 out of 12 playoff teams is pretty good. I only was crushed with my picks by 4 or 5 teams and I nailed 6 of the 32 records perfectly.

Conveniently not mentioned I picked the Giants to win the Superbowl... whoops

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