Winning the Divisional Round Turnover Battle

Friday, January 15, 2010

This post shows you a simple chart Giveaways and Takeaways for each team in each Divisional Playoff Matchup. In combination with the breakdown of the Divisional Matchups this am the Turnover Battle breakdown should give you a solid background when deciding whom you shall go with.

Saints vs. Cardinals

Are you ready for no defense and pray for turnovers? This Saints Cardinals game gives you two teams whose defenses value are almost solely tied to their ability to create turnovers. The Saints had a much better +/- than the Cardinals during the regular season which probably explains their superior record and why I think they have the edge this weekend.

Vikings vs. Cowboys

This game is the closest thing to a coin flip we have going this weekend. The matchups are almost tight all the way around including the turnover battle. Both teams did a solid job of holding onto the ball this season, ranking near the bottom in of the league in giveaways while both teams were middle of the pack in takeaways.
Chargers vs. Jets

When looking at the matchups this morning there wasn't that huge of a discrepnacy between the Jets and the Chargers. In fact the Jets rankings overall look better as their defense is superior and both teams were one dimensional on offense. So whats the big difference between 13-3 and 9-7? Turnovers of course. The Jets turned the ball over a whopping 30 times while the Chargers just gave it away 17. If the Jets can keep the ball out of the hands of Chargers defenders this might just be a solid game.

Colts vs. Ravens

The Colts turnovers are likely a little deceiving as I'm pretty sure a good portion of that is actually Curtis Painer, but even with the Painter output this doesn't particularly look like a 1 vs. 6 matchup on simple paper. The Ravens defense and run game is vastly superior. They force many more turnovers and hold onto the ball at the same rate as the Colts. Basically this game falls on Peyton Manning's shoulders 100%.

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